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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Results are In

Baby #3 is most definitely a . . .


I knew it! I actually clapped when the ultrasound tech made the announcement. I should note, however, that I knew even before she told us. As soon as she showed us the femur, I started scouting for boy parts or lack thereof, and I saw right then, plain as day, boy parts in all their 18w6d glory. G was proud.

Everything looked fantastic. Bruiser was measuring right on schedule, kicking and flailing around to his heart's content, weighing in at a monstrous 9 ounces already. (This does not account for my eight pound weight gain since last month -- but we won't discuss that anymore right now, as this is a generally happy post). His umbilical cord blood flow, which is what prompted my hospitalization and the twins' delivery at 33 weeks, looked wonderful. It's really too early for that problem to crop up again, anyway, but hey -- I'll take good news anywhere I can get it!

The bad news -- because there is always a little bit of that, isn't there? -- was my blood pressure. I had high hopes that it would look good yesterday, since I knew it wouldn't be taken until after the ultrasound. Since the ultrasound was very reassuring, I thought, hey, the b/p should be fine. Not so much. In fact, I got my worst reading yet. It was significantly higher than anything I'd gotten at home, even when I took it on my home monitor there in the office. Why on earth would I have been stressed out after a good ultrasound? I don't know, and maybe that means I wasn't. Maybe that means my b/p is just working it's way up again, like last time, and I will soon need meds. UGH. But for now, my doctor is not worried. She said one high reading is not cause for concern, and that I should just keep watching it at home. Only if I get two or three days worth of consistently high readings, she said, should I call her so we could discuss meds. And she's obviously not *too* worried about me, as she is not seeing me again for four weeks. I'm trying not to worry much either (easier said than done, of course) because I know the worst thing you can do for high blood pressure is to worry about your high blood pressure.

Overall though, it was a great appointment. Seeing my new little guy, and being told how great he is doing, was better than any of the Christmas presents I got a couple weeks ago. Now I just pray for that to continue until the last week of May . . .


  • Here's to good ultrasounds and ongrats on the wonderful news that baby #3 is a boy and all looks great :-)

    Good luck with the BP too--I know what you mean about why would the reading be high at a positive, non-stressful office visit; seems I'm going through something similar now or maybe not...we'll see in the days to come.

    Congrats again--and almost 19 weeks--wow time flies!

    By Blogger Dee, at 8:38 PM  

  • How exciting that it is a boy! Great news!

    By Blogger sarah, at 9:39 AM  

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