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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Let's see. While there have been no major events happening around my place, there have been a few odds and ends.

1) I haven't heard anything yet from fender bender lady. Maybe that's a good sign, but maybe it just means she's taken her car to the body shop and isn't going to bother calling me. She'll just send me the bill in the mail.

2) This weekend G and I took our first overnight trip out of town without P & E. We went to wine country with another couple and had a FABULOUS time. I'm wondering why no one introduced me to this beautiful beverage in college, because it seems that no matter how much of it I drink, I always wake up feeling fine the next morning. The same cannot be said for vodka, rum, or Bud Light, which were the staples of my undergraduate and law school years.

3) Next week I officially start babysitting for the two little girls I've mentioned here before. My trial run with all four kids (babies, really -- the oldest among them isn't even 3 yet) went well, so I'm not too worried about it. Really, the only worrisome thing about the whole situation is that I don't yet know how much I'll be getting paid. I'm starting in six days, so you'd think this is the sort of thing we'd have hammered out by now, but we haven't. I guess I'm just banking on not getting screwed based on the fact that they don't have a backup plan in place. If I bail because they're not paying enough, what are they going to do?

4) P & E are no longer walking. They are running -- everywhere, all the time. They're climbing, too. You would think, then, that I might actually be losing weight trying to keep up with them and keep them from hurting themselves. You would be wrong. Instead, to my horror, I've discovered that I have already gained 11 pounds since the height of my nursing days. Yes, that's right. 11 pounds in about 6 months. Yikes!


  • They are adorable beyond words.

    By Blogger WriterGrrl, at 9:48 AM  

  • OMG--they are gorgeous, and so big (but babies have a habit of doing that, don't they?)!

    Glad to hear that the fender bender may turn out to be nothing (crossing fingers, legs, eyes, you name it).

    Good luck as you head into watching 4 under 3--bet you'll do great :-)

    By Blogger Dee, at 7:20 AM  

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