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Monday, May 15, 2006

Good news!

It's official. G accepted the new position he was offerred, and as I suspected, our new insurance DOES cover IVF. Yeah! This is not to say that we will actually do IVF again -- G is only at probably 50/50, maybe 60/40 in terms of wanting another child -- but it feels fantastic to have the option. Now we can make the decision the way everybody else does. We'll think, and talk, and pray, and weigh the pros and cons, then at some point down the road we'll decide whether to go for it or not. That's so different from where we've been up to now, which is basically knowing that there won't ever be a third baby because we straight up can't come up with $11,000 or so for the procedure.

And of course I know that, even if we do decide to give it another whirl in a year or two, it might not work. Hell, statistically, it probably won't work, at least not the first time around. We got lucky on our first complete attempt with P & E; I'm not crazy enough to assume we'd hit the jackpot like that again. Still, all that aside. As of today, whenever someone asks if we're done having kids I can reply in all honesty, "You know, we haven't decided yet."

Stay tuned.


  • You know, I remember before I had J, when my husband would say he wanted two kids, I'd reply, 'ask me after the first one.' Or 'let me finish gestating this one and I'll get back to you.' And then I had J and the labor was a tad bit more than I think I ever could have imagined. I swore I wouldn't do it again.

    But now, with J in our lives and time to distance myself from that L&D, I couldn't imagine not trying for a second child. There's just something, I can't put my finger on entirely, that makes me want to do it again...or at least try. And I'm hoping like hell that we get lucky a second time.

    I guess I simply never realized that I could love this much. Does that make sense?

    By Blogger Dee, at 9:26 PM  

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