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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Odds and Ends

Nothing major going on today; I just really wanted to get a post up to continue my excellent January updating streak.

Our financial situation continues to be perilous. In fact, after I move money over to make our house payment tomorrow, we will have about $50 in our savings account. Can we all say, "Holy shit"? This is taking the whole living paycheck to paycheck thing to a whole new level. I may HAVE to work from home, whatever my feelings on that subject. There is good news, though. First, G gets paid Thursday, so the $50 situation is temporary. (Not that it will be a whole lot better after we pay all the bills, but it should be marginally so). Second, today G has a meeting with his boss's boss about getting a raise -- hopefully a signifcant one. If it doesn't pan out, he is willing to look elsewhere. G is, luckily, in a field where there are far more open positions than qualified people to fill them in this area. Anyway, I've been praying. Hard.

I wish someone would hire me to do research from home. I am an excellent researcher, if I do say so myself. More than once I was responsible for finding just that perfect, obscure little case that helped my old firm win its arguments. I even enjoyed it, to a point. Right now, though, I'm just not sure how to find a position like that. Or if such positions even exist.

In reading this, I've realized that I never even needed to go to law school. I should've just been a paralegal and called it a day. Would've saved me about a $100,000 if that had occurred to me 6 years ago.

Argh. Depressing.


  • If I were in your shoes, I'd start cold-calling smaller legal firms (like, the 1 and 2-man shops) and offer your research services at $X/hr. You have to make your rate attractive -- to them and to you. If you get bites, you ask for a 10-hour retainer up front from all new clients. If the cold calls scare you, pretend you're the secretary. You're not offering your own services, you're calling on behalf of [Your Company Name].

    Believe me, I've had those $50 bank accounts. Here's a tip -- Citibank has a nice 0% offer where they will give you a check for the amount you want to use, then charge you 0% interest for 12 months while you pay it back. And yes, when you call to cancel the card, they will offer you another 12-month, 0% deal.

    By Blogger WriterGrrl, at 12:49 PM  

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