Life After the Second Line

Thursday, September 01, 2005

A Couple Things

First, as if I don't have enough problems getting people to read and/or comment on this blog, I've now turned on the "word verification" option. That means, for the eight of you out there reading this, that if you want to comment, you'll first have to look at one of those fuzzy images of letters and type what you see. This should help me weed out the spam comments I've been swamped with the past couple posts. Not that I don't find comments regarding penis enlargement helpful or profound, but I don't want G getting a complex.

In other news, I got a darling new haircut today. Now, I'm a person whose always had issues with hair cutting, owing to a surgery I had when I was seven years old and had to get my head shaved. Since then, I feel almost physical pain with every inch I lose. Not today though. My hair had become a pain in my ass. Who has time for styling when there are four month old twins in the house? So, as of about four hours ago, I've been bobbed. I feel liberated!


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