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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

And then I realized I've become the most boring person alive

Had a friend in from Washington DC this weekend. We've known each other since college -- had a blast together for all three years we knew each other back then. She was one of my bridesmaids back in the day, too. Since then, though, our lives have taken very different paths. She moved from Smalltown Illinois to DC where she found a job she loves. She's been married and divorced and has no plans, at this time, to EVER marry again, let alone have any kids. She's grown to love the big city life, too, and will never consider coming back to live in a tiny dot on the map like this.

I, on the other hand, married my high school/college sweetheart and then left town for law school only to discover that I HATED the big city and didn't want to spend one minute longer there than was absolutely necessary. Moved back to Smalltown with G, worked for two years, then quit to become a babysitter and later a SAHM. And, of course, had two kids who are basically my only company all day, every day. Looking at these two paragraphs, it's obvious to me which is more exciting. Aside from the divorce part, hers is the life I kind of thought I'd lead back in college. But I'm happy. I'm almost ridiculously happy most of the time.

It's just that this kind of happiness, brought about by days at home with my darling babies, doesn't translate to much of anything interesting when I come in contact with anyone who doesn't also stay home with their kids. It occurred to me, this weekend, that I've become one of those women who drove me CRAZY when I didn't have kids myself. I really don't have much of a life, or much of anything to talk about, besides them. And that feels strange.

I know I only have a handful of readers here, but for those few of you who are out there -- any thoughts on this? What can I do, outside of getting a job and rejoining the "real world" to become interesting again?


  • Gah, wish I had some ideas that made sense. I'm working from home but J is in daycare so I get me time daily. My two best friends are both SAHMs and their approachs couldn't be more different. One is all kids-kids-kids, the other isn't. She spends a lot of time reading books, watching movies and tv shows, and that sort of thing. That way, she kind of always is able to fall back on popular culture items to discuss and rarely if ever talks about her boys. She says there's more to her than her children (amen) but still, it must be hard work to keep up with what's going on that way.

    I don't know if that helps in any way, but for what it's worth, maybe.

    By Blogger Dee, at 10:43 AM  

  • Oh you just left that door wide open for me, didn't you. You're lucky I'm a nice girl.

    No advice yet - but you know I'll get back with you.

    By Blogger Beth, at 4:46 AM  

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