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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

All is Well

Luckily for the handful of you who read this thing, I am in much better spirits than the last time I posted. I'm still not in love with being pregnant, but the end result will be well worth it, and besides -- only six more months and I'll be done with it forever. I can handle that. I just hope it is a full six more months! (Well, 5 1/2 would do, but you get the point).

I had my second OB appt. on Monday. It was ok. My blood pressure was on the high end again, but I'd been monitoring it at home since last time, and it's always fine here. The doctor chalked it up to "white coat anxiety" for now, especially since, once again, they took it before finding the baby's heartbeat. (Why do they insist on doing that?) Actually, the appt. was better than I had expected because I got to see the little one on the portable ultrasound machine. They couldn't get a good heartbeat reading using the Doppler, which inititally freaked me out, but the nurse assured me that she kept catching it for a second or two, but never for long enough to count anything. Sure enough, when they brought in the portable machine, he/she was bouncing all over the place in there. No wonder they had trouble getting a good read! Anyway, my real ultrasound is scheduled for January 9. I am dying to find out the sex, but I'm very sure it's a boy (for no real reason), so in a way the suspense isn't as bad as it might be otherwise.

I will also be seeing the peri on January 4, just for a consult. My dr. thought it might put my mind at ease about everything. I hope she's right. I just can't quite wrap my mind around being "normal" this time around, particularly since my b/p insists on playing these stupid games.

Meanwhile, P & E are doing great, and G and I are doing just ok. We'd gone more than a month without seeing our counselor, and it was starting to show. It's amazing to me how easy it is for us to fall back into our old, bad habits. But we saw her again on Monday, so hopefully things will be on an upswing again for a while. Also, G has a week off coming up just after Christmas, and I think that will help, too. He works so, so much -- just having some down time with us should help mellow things out a little bit.

Aside from all that, not much going on besides the steady march toward Christmas, for which I am ridiculously unprepared. Should be wrapping right now, in fact, instead of typing this blog entry!


  • Sometimes just OK is the best you can hope for. Things will get better (she says sagely).
    And for what it's worth, I hated being pregnant too, both times. Loved (adored) the end result, but the process sucked fifteen ways to Sunday.

    By Anonymous Menita, at 9:28 PM  

  • Yea for a good OB appt--and I'm gonna go with "white coat" syndrome too. And, yes, I'm sure it doesn't help to take it before you get to hear the baby's heartbeat.

    I found a lot of times that if I had a long wait to see my OB, I got all worked up with worry for no good reason--so by the time I got in to see the doc, my BP was higher than usual. Now that I know my issue, I bring a book with me and just look at the time spent waiting as more time that can be spent reading--something I rarely get to do at home.

    It's been working like a charm (knock wood), no high BP readings since undertaking this plan of action.

    Anyway, just me babbling. But really, I'm thrilled that all is going well--and hurry up January, we wanna know if that baby is a boy or a girl :-)

    By Blogger Dee, at 8:23 AM  

  • Remember that being pg clouds your emotions, which makes it easy to let problems into a marriage. Keep up with the counselor, but also tell G. that he has to cut you some slack until your hormones are back to normal. Like 8 years from now. :-)

    By Blogger WriterGrrl, at 8:28 AM  

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