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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Eleven Months Later . . .

And I'm back! Somehow, life got in the way. Who knows if this will be my last post for another eleven months -- it's quite possible -- but I thought it would be a good time for a little update, anyway.

First things first. None of my babies are really "babies" anymore. P & E are 3, and L turned 1 last month. Impossible to believe! They keep things pretty busy around here. L isn't completely walking quite yet, but he's well on his way, and I doubt it matters much anyway. He crawls at the speed of light, so how much more trouble can he possible get into upright? (I know, I know. Famous last words). He has a full head of blond curls, and the most gorgeous blue eyes you've ever seen. People comment on them everywhere we go. He says Mama, Dada, dog, and, most plainly "uh oh." And he's the happiest little boy you'll ever meet. Thank God for that -- what would it be like trying to handle the three of them if he was crabby?

P & E? Well, they're just hilarious. P has been potty trained for about six months, but E is just now starting to catch on. His daddy has taught him to pee standing up, and P is beside herself with envy. She recently asked me if we could ask God for "a girl p*nis. A pink one. Please?" She makes me laugh every day, and she makes herself laugh every day, too. If a chipmunk could giggle, she is what it would sound like, I think. E, too, is a crackup, though it's not usually on purpose. He is developing a flair for the dramatic, and when he really, really wants to catch someone's attention, he will make some big statement like, "I want to throw all my toys AWAY!" Or, "I want to give my cars away to somebody who wants them!" But when you try to actually do any of those things, he bursts into tears. No matter what, the two of them are best friends, and I feel sorry for poor L sometimes. He will always be outnumbered.

What else in 11 months? Oh! We moved across town. It was very spur of the moment, but we found a house we fell in love with that has more than enough room for the five of us. G & I's starter home wasn't really ideal for a family of five. Anyway, I rediscovered how much I HATE moving, and I plan to drop dead somewhere within these walls 60 years from now.

Right, that's the other thing -- I turned 30. Ouch. It still hurts to type that.

Hey, what do you know? Somebody's crying. I'll post pics if I get a chance, soon. Sooner than 11 months, anyway.


  • You're back among the living (okay, so not that you ever left--but you know what I mean)! Glad to hear that all is well and the boys are growing like weeds. Congrats on the move; may you spend the next 60+ years in your home.

    By Anonymous dee, at 11:25 AM  

  • Welcome back! I have you on my reader, but had figured you were gone for good. Clearly you were just super busy raising you three babies under three! Glad to see you are doing so well. Moving least you are in a home you can stay in!

    By Blogger sarah, at 6:40 PM  

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